My curriculum cookbook: an autobiographical study on understanding curriculum from a cross-cultural educator's perspective




Nie, Nicole Ye

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This autobiographical study relates my personal experiences as an international student in Canada to curriculum theory and issues in multicultural education. The study takes a creative, cookbook journal format, using a selection of recipes for exploring cross-cultural experiences and making connections between self and the multicultural environment, and between curricular theories and educational practice. While sometimes recipes refer to simple instructions, the curriculum recipes in this study do not provide simple solutions but rather creative ways of thinking about curriculum. The research question guiding this study is how we can understand multicultural curriculum so that majority groups (the host people in Canada) and minority groups (the people from other cultures) acknowledge a space of shared responsibility for intercultural adaptation, and so that there are not two sides or positions for people when crossing cultures, but a space in between where people dwell together.



Curriculum, Culture, multicultural education, Autobiographical study, Cross cultures, Complexity theory, Culture shock, Intercultural adaptation, Food, Theory and Practice