Evaluating and enhancing the security of cyber physical systems using machine learning approaches




Sharma, Mridula

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The main aim of this dissertation is to address the security issues of the physical layer of Cyber Physical Systems. The network security is first assessed using a 5-level Network Security Evaluation Scheme (NSES). The network security is then enhanced using a novel Intrusion Detection System that is designed using Supervised Machine Learning. Defined as a complete architecture, this framework includes a complete packet analysis of radio traffic of Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPL). A dataset of 300 different simulations of RPL network is defined for normal traffic, hello flood attack, DIS attack, increased version attack and decreased rank attack. The IDS is a multi-model detection model that provides an efficient detection against the known as well as new attacks. The model analysis is done with the cross-validation method as well as using the new data from a similar network. To detect the known attacks, the model performed at 99% accuracy rate and for the new attack, 85% accuracy is achieved.



CPS, Supervised Machine Learning, RPL, Feature Selection