Ceninetel a,it e tte tenew = 'Helping each other take care of the land' : an ethnoecological approach to restoring the coastal dune ecosystem of Tixen and Island View Beach




Bartley, Raymond Glenn

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This study focuses on the ecological restoration of a coastal dune ecosystem on the east coast of Vancouver Island that supports bird migration. The area is also a part of the traditional homelands of the Tsawout First Nation. Because environmental degradation has impaired the functioning of both ecological and cultural systems, the restoration of this ecosystem requires a distinctive approach. An “ethnoecological” approach to restoration is presented that seeks collaboration between ecological science and traditional ecological knowledge in order to restore the ecological integrity and human connection to this culturally significant landscape. Guided by the values of the Tsawout community, and the practice of good ecological restoration, I make recommendations for short and long term restoration actions. A set of ethnoecological restoration guidelines are presented to help guide future projects with the dual mandate of ecology and culture. Finally, opportunities for making connections between this project and other regional initiatives are explored in an attempt to restore links in the migratory habitat chain.



Coastal ecology, Sand dunes, Tsawout