Corporate social responsibility and employment standards in the Maquiladoras




Grenier, Danielle

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This thesis provides a historical overview of the conventional business model for CSR as well as a more critical political economy perspective. It draws on critical scholars to help advance the understanding of the legitimating role that CSR plays in advancing private authority as a significant method of regulating corporations and the global political economy through flexible and nonbinding regulations as an alternative to state legislation. This thesis explores the development and implementation of Nike’s Codes of Conduct in contract apparel factories in the Maquiladoras in Mexico. Specifically, it investigates the application of Nike’s Code of Conduct to determine if the company is adhering to its own CSR policies and initiatives by focusing on Nike’s internal reports. It concludes that corporate self regulation produces limited results for alleviating poor working conditions for Nike apparel contract workers in the Maquiladoras.



corporate social responsibility, Nike, Mexico