Improving student’s performance and writing skills by using photography, autophotography and music




Pesik, Richard

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The following study deals with the use of photography, autophotograhy and music when improving the students’ writing skills. The author stipulates that the use of various media as is photography, autophotography and music would not only help students to improve their writings, but will also increase their interest in a free-style and creative writings. Based on his own experiences as a teacher and college instructor and various scholarly publications together with his own research of the gr. 7, 12 and Alternative Studies program students at the School District No.70, Port Alberni, the author confirms previous findings that the use of various media increases students interest in their own writings. The author suggests that due to the positive results of his study the similar approach should be implemented not only in the Language Arts classes but in any program dealing with students writings. In addition, he believes that there are no age limitations for students or any other persons using this method to improve their writing skills and to generate their interest in writing. Furthermore, the author proposes that another positive output of this method is the increase of students’ and other peoples’ selfesteem due to their growing abilities of expressing themselves, dealing with their personal issues and with other people as well. Therefore, the author believes that the use of photography, autophotograpy and music should be incorporated into current curricula at any educational level.



education, autophotography, music, students' writings, students, self-esteem, photography, K-12 education, students' self-expression