Challenges LGBTQ2SI+ folx face while undergoing fertility treatment when trying to conceive




Akyürek , Maren

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In Canada, LGBTQ2SI+ folx experience barriers stemming from stigma and discrimination when accessing health care. This scoping review using a queer methodology to examine peer-reviewed articles and grey literature between 2010 and 2020 pertaining to experiences of LGBTQ2SI+ folx in Canada which lead to barriers when accessing assisted reproductive technology (ART). In order to access care, LGBTQ2SI+ folx endure negative interactions with health care providers, have to hide their gender or sexuality to access care, are unable to use known donors, do not have access to racially diverse sperm, are required to undergo mandatory counseling in order to access donor eggs and sperm, have limited social support, face exorbitant out of pocket costs, and face heteronormative laws and regulations. To decrease barriers, more research, more education for health care providers on LGBTQ2SI+ issues, funding for ART by government medical plans, and the promotion of racially diverse eggs and sperm in Canada are needed.



LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, LGBTQ2S, LGBT2SI+, Queer, Fertility, Assisted reproductive technology, folx, Infertility, transgender, gay, lesbian, intersex, Two-Spirit, fertility treatment, health care, reproductive endocrinology, Canada, queer methodology, scoping review