Curriculum, Higher Education and the Public Good




Hall, Budd L.
Bhatt, Nandita
Lepore, Walter

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Curriculum change in higher education is an extremely complex process. Influences on the content of what is taught in higher education include new knowledge coming from the various academic disciplines, from the regulatory bodies of many professions, from national calls for action, from global challenges, and from social movements of the day. This chapter argues that in the search for excellence, engagement and social responsibility there is no contradiction between responding to local calls for action and global maters. Illustrations of curriculum change which attend to both the local and the global include classroom changes, single university changes and system-wide changes in Canada, Asia, Latin America and New Zealand. We call for more attention to community engaged learning and the creation of central offices for community university engagement.



curriculum change, higher education, community-engaged learning, community-university engagement, local and global issues


Hall, B.L., Bhatt, N., Lepore, W. (2017). Curriculum, Higher Education, and the Public Good. In F. X. Grau, J. Goddard, B. Hall, E. Hazelkorn, R. Tandon (eds.), Higher Education in the World 6. Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the Global with the Local, First edition. Girona: Global University Network for Innovation (GUNi), pp. 236-245.