Art inquiry into the experiences of a family of a child living with a chronic pain condition : a case study




Shea, Kathryn

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Chronic pain among children is poorly understood and few studies attempt to elicit and portray the experiences of the sufferers and their families. This qualitative case study used art inquiry and narrative methodologies as a means to understand the participants' stories of chronic pain. The participating family has a child aged 6 who has been experiencing unexplained chronic pain for over 2 years. Data were gathered through five art making sessions. The first stage of analysis occurred during the art making sessions as participants and researcher worked together to understand the messages and meanings within their creations. The researcher then compiled the debriefing transcripts into stories that capture the core of these messages and meanings. Finally, the researcher pulled together themes and points of interest in terms of satisfying the purpose of this inquiry and responding to the guiding research questions.



art therapy for children, pain in children