Scoping study on migrant fishers and transboundary fishing in the Bay of Bengal




Kadfak, Alin
Bennett, Nathan
Prugsmatz, Raphealla

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The scoping study relates to the assessment of the issue of migratory and transboundary fishing as highlighted above. It will explore the background to the issues and provide specific insight into both (i) working conditions (including reference to safety at sea, as appropriate) on fishing vessels operating outside of national waters, and (ii) issues pertaining to rights of fishing labour and extent of use of legal and illegal foreign labour. The study will cover issues concerning both nationals from the vessel port country and those concerning foreign workers from neighbouring countries. The scoping study will further (iii) cover boats and crews arrested for fishing in traditional fishing grounds that are now part of another country’s EEZ as a result of UNCLOS (either as deliberate acts or due to "straying" across boundaries). The report is broken down into an introduction, three substantive chapters, and a conclusion. The introduction provides definitions and introduces the methodology. The subsequent chapters explore migrant fishers and trafficking, transboundary fishing and arrests, and governance and management of these issues. In conclusion, the report provides a number of recommendations for action and further research.




BOBLME (2012) Scoping Study on Migrant Fishers and Transboundary Fishing in the Bay of Bengal BOBLME-2012-Ecology-03