Design and Implementation of a Web-based Multi-user Data Analysis Environment for a Vancouver Island Drug-checking Initiative




Kumar, Deepak

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This project provides the detailed design and implementation details of a web-based multi-user data analysis and visualization environment for a Vancouver Island drug-checking initiative, along with the design of an accompanying website. It also includes the data analysis performed to answer some initial research questions. The drug-checking project collects analytical chemical data and survey data during the process for detailed analysis and data mining. The web-based multi-user data analysis environment enables people interested in analysis of drug-checking data to effectively collaborate using this database and also allows them to access all the required scientific, data analysis tools and libraries. The website is intended to communicate the results and findings to the public for harm reduction. It displays the aggregate results from the data and features interactive data visualization to educate users about component mixture analysis. It also provides information about the drug-checking program to different stakeholders including users of drug-checking service, chemists, social workers, harm reduction workers, pharmacists, and those interested in further developing the instrumental methods. It provides information about mission and goals of the project, services offered, research aspects of the project, technologies used and some frequently asked questions.



Data Analysis, Visualization, Website