A literature review: the learning style preferences of multigenerational staff nurses and the theoretical consideration of learning style preferences by acute care educators




Sutherland, Grace

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What do we know about learning styles related to the education of staff nurses? This paper explores information in the literature about the clinical nurse educator’s consideration of learning style preferences in the group education of multiple generations of registered staff nurses. Without research into the validation of learning style measurement tools and further large scale exploration of staff nurse learning styles, it is impossible to state that clinical educators should incorporate generational learning styles into their education. The current nursing workforce in hospitals spans four generations of nurses. I will explore expert opinion that suggests there are differences in attitudes toward work and learning between the generations. A search of current literature reveals ten articles that relate to my topic, only three of which contain empirical data. Theoretical articles suggest that it is important to pay attention to learning styles; however, the lack of research suggests otherwise. The authors of the empirical articles report there may be discrepancies in the findings regarding preferred learning styles. There are no research articles that provide a direct comparison of preferred learning styles within one generation.



learning style, learning styles, generational differences, registered staff nurse, clinical nurse educator