Repeated Reading in Readers Theatre for Developing Reading Fluency




Bryn-Jones, Gail Helena

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This Master’s Project explores how a program of Readers Theatre (RT) can be a successful approach to improving oral reading fluency. Practicing RT involves the research-based strategy of Repeated Reading (RR), which appears to be a major contributor in the success of many reading instruction approaches. Observations about RT are presented from the perspective of both a review of the literature, and by way of my experience of implementing RT into my Grade 3/4 classroom for three months. After a wide read of scholarly articles and research on each of three sub-topics, oral reading fluency, RR, and RT, it is apparent that RT has been successful in classes from Grade 2 through Grade 8 as a means of engaging struggling and unmotivated readers to read more and read more fluently. Because RT lines are repeatedly read over several days to prepare for performance readers gain in automaticity and prosody, both essential elements of fluency that have a research-based correlation with increased reading comprehension. My classroom observations concur with findings in the literature suggesting that students, including poor readers, students with special needs and English Language Learners, find performance reading, such as in RT to be highly motivating. RT provides an authentic purpose for young readers to find meaning in text thereby increasing engagement and overall reading achievement.



Readers Theatre, repeated reading, oral fluency