New twist : yoga within the stories of youth who are street-involved




Alsbury, Brooke Meredith

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This research explored the impact of yoga on the lives of youth who were street-involved. The study is supported by recent qualitative research that focuses on the strengths and coping strategies of youth who are street-involved. Nine youth who were street-involved and attending weekly yoga classes, at a local drop-in centre, were interviewed using a semi-structured format. Additionally, a yoga instructor and an outreach worker who work with the yoga programme were interviewed to provide historical and philosophical background. The narrative methodology used allowed the stories of the youth to be brought to the forefront. The youth are introduced individually and themes common to more than one youth are discussed. Through their stories the youth explored the themes of change and calm related to their experiences with yoga. Finally, considerations for including yoga in a programme working with youth who are street-involved are addressed.



yoga, therapy, street youth, services