Articulation of the multiple intelligence and empathic intelligence theories in educational drama




Kitt, Abigail

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This study explored the articulation of multiple and empathic intelligences in educational drama. The investigation used a qualitative multiple-case study to examine the teaching methodologies of two teachers, as well as the structure of the drama units they taught. Following the observations the two teachers were then interviewed to explore their interpretation of their drama teaching. The findings indicate that multiple and empathic intelligences are articulated in educational drama in varied and complex ways. This finding was similar for both units, whether or not the teachers specifically planned with multiple and empathic intelligences in mind. The teachers confirmed that drama integrates the intelligences. Furthermore, they modelled the intelligences in their teaching. Also demonstrated was the ability of drama strategies to address individual needs of the students while exploring complex topics within a metaphorical context.



drama, study and teaching, multiple intelligences, elementary