An evaluation of a Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada virtual beach tour




Oehlke, Lindsay Ellen

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I developed and evaluated a virtual field trip focusing on a beach ecosystem within Prince Edward Island National Park, designed to serve as an introduction to the dynamic coastal beach habitat, to increase students’ awareness of interactions within ecosystems, and to identify what organisms could be found within. Two grade 7 classes were tested prior to viewing the DVD presentation, within one week of viewing the presentation, and after five weeks of viewing the presentation. The results show that Parks Canada can further develop relevant education outreach tools using multimedia presentations as students gained and retained knowledge from Treasures Ashore. Although both the pre- and post-test knowledge scores were low, participants showed an increase of 46% in knowledge scores from the pre- to first post-test. They also listed 22% more and drew more than twice the number of objects and organisms relevant to the content of the presentation.



National Park, Field Trip, Virtual Tour