Real-time Traffic Management in an RTP/RTCP Environment using CoDel and DRR




Ahmed, Atique

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Communication systems involve streaming media including video conferencing, television services, and web-based video applications. This real-time traffic is carried using the Real-time Transfer Protocol (RTP). The Real-time Transmission Control Protocol (RTCP) is used to provide feedback on the Quality of Service (QoS) and information about the network. The increasing number of packets in the network causes bufferbloat. Bufferbloat occurs when routers buffer too much data. There has been significant research in Active Queue Management (AQM) to overcome bufferbloat issues. In this project, two different scheduling schemes, namely Controlled Delay (CoDel) and Deficit Round Robin (DRR) are investigated for an RTP/RTCP environment. CoDel was introduced recently by Nicholas and Jacobson [3]. In the past, CoDel was evaluated using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic. In this project, the performance of CoDel and DRR is evaluated using the RTP/RTCP protocols.



Real-time traffic, CoDel, Deficit Round Robin, AQM