Births Through British Columbia's Covid-19 Pandemic




Clarke, Colton

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Using information gathered on government sites for monthly births by local health area (LCA), yearly population, and unemployment rates, and using local public newspapers for lockdown and travel restriction severity, we perform several regressions that help us determine how the pandemic changed birth rates. Creating a forecasting model for the expected birth rates had the pandemic not happened, but the unemployment rates stayed as they were in the pandemic, for 2020 and 2021, we show different trends based on different census metropolitan areas and British Columbia overall. From November 2020 to December 2021, we find that approximately 95 births are missing in British Columbia overall but there is quite a bit of regional variation, with 1114 missing births in Vancouver, 47 missing births in Victoria, 100 extra births in Abbotsford/Mission, and 280 extra births in Kelowna in that same period.



Covid, Covid-19, BC, British Columbia, birth, births, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Abbotsford, Mission, baby, babies, economics, family, unemployment, population, travel, restriction, restrictions, lockdown, fertility