Teaching and learning nature-based physical activity in Physical and Health Education: From pre-service teachers to K-12 students




Gruno, Jennifer

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The overall aim of this dissertation was to better understand the learning and teaching of NBPA in PHE experiences for teachers and adolescent students. A secondary aim was to better understand the learning and teaching cycle for NBPA reform in PHE. To achieve these aims, I conducted three interrelated studies that explored: (a) how pre-service teachers learn to teach NBPA in PHE, (b) in-service educators’ perspectives on learning and teaching NBPA, and (c) adolescent student experiences with NBPAs in and beyond PHE. These three studies explored the learning cycle from pre-service instruction, to in-service professional development, to, finally, the impact on the students’ learning. Individual findings are discussed in each of the three studies, and two overarching themes are discussed as findings for the overall body of research: (a) NBPA as a conduit for place- and land-based education; and (b) NBPA as an effective form of PHE reform.



Nature-based physical activity, Qualitative research, Photovoice