Whisper-Gallery Microcavities Nano-sensing System Packaging




Zhou, Wen

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Whispering-gallery microcavities have been widely applied to many areas including sensing and nano-detection. To commercialize WGM sensors, packaging is necessary. This report introduces a design of a WGM nano-sensing system which has a compact volume and affordable price, making it suitable for practical use. It has a laser with a 980-nm central wavelength, an adjustable output power up to 160 mW, temperature control from 0 to 50 degrees, and a response power maximum of 10 mW. An associated display program was designed in LABVIEW to allow for the data to be captured from the device and sent directly to a PC or laptop through an AD converter included in the system. The progress of system design, module selection and assembly, calibration, program design of the device, and an application example of testing the Q factor of a microcavity are respectively discussed. The challenges, its possible solution, and future developments are also outlined at the end of this report.



Packaging, Whisper-Gallery