Nature-play: creating and building an outdoor learning environment for young children




Sedola, Michelle R.

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Regular outdoor time in nature is a fundamental requirement for a child’s healthy development and in today’s society where children are transported from school to daycare to organized activities the connection between children and nature is falling short. In the words of Louv (2008) children of the 21st century have a “nature deficit disorder”. This paper will examine literature that positively supports the importance of getting children outside to play and learn through a place-based philosophy. The goal of my project was to create an outdoor classroom where I could take my students and reconnect them to nature through outdoor nature-play. I was inspired to help my students get more access to nature where they could have the opportunity to spend meaningful time in it, and to learn from it while making meaningful connections to the community they live in.



nature, outdoor nature-play, outdoor classroom, play-based learning