Registered nurse practice and information flow in long-term care nursing homes




Wei, Quan

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Little is known regarding registered nurse (RN) information management practice in long-term care (LTC) settings. This study identifies LTC RNs’ information management practice and needs, which are important for designing and implementing health information technology (HIT) in LTC settings. Methods: This descriptive qualitative study combines direct observations and semi-structured interviews, conducted at Alberta’s LTC facilities between May 2014 and August 2015. The constant comparative method of joint coding was used for data analysis. Results: Nine RNs from six nursing homes participated in the study. Based on the RNs’ existing information management system requirements, a graphic information flow model was constructed. Conclusion: This baseline study identified key components of LTC RNs’ information management system. The information flow model may assist HIT developers with future design and development of HIT solutions for LTCs, serve as a communication tool between RNs and developers to refine requirements and support further LTC HIT research.



health information technology, information flow, user requirements, Long-term care (long-term care facilities, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and LTC)., nurse or nursing (RNs)