Examining Achievement Goal Orientations, Goal Setting, and Motivation Challenges from A Self-Regulated Learning Perspective




Nie, Muqing

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Adopting a self-regulated learning perspective, the present study examined the mediating role of goal management practices in the relationship between achievement goal orientations and motivation challenges among 213 undergraduate students enrolled in a learning-to-learn course at a university in Western Canada. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was employed to analyze the data. The results indicated that mastery-approach goal orientation negatively predicted motivation challenges and that goal management practices served as a mediator in this relationship. However, this thesis did not find a significant predictive relationship between mastery-avoidance goal orientation, performance-approach goal orientation, as well as performance-avoidance goal orientation and motivation challenges. This study sheds light on the complexity of achievement goal orientations and the critical role of goal management practices in mediating the relationship between mastery-approach goal orientations and motivation challenges.



achievement goal orientations, self-regulated learning, motivation challenges, goal setting, goal management practices, academic challenges