A Personal Journey: Effective Research-Based Teaching and its Impact on Students' Reading




Thacker, Tanya

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This project is a personal journey of a grade one teacher that considers the questions of: (1) what strategies, approaches, and components to teaching reading have shown to be most effective on student learning of this important skill? (2) how can I have the most impact when teaching grade one students to read? These questions are considered through this personal narrative as it explores best practices in reading. The work of Marie Clay, Richard Allington, Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell are analyzed and juxtaposed with the importance of reading and factors that affect literacy development to find answers to the underlying questions. Findings, which are based on current trends and research in the area of literacy development, are examined and new strategies and approaches are implemented in a classroom setting.



balanced literacy, reading processing system, Guided Reading, Reading Recovery, reading difficulties, early learning, struggling reader