Showing Respect: Death Rituals of the Chinese Community in Coastal Urban British Columbia




Lacy, Julia Frances

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Decisions on how to proceed at the death of a loved one can be very hard on those tasked with arranging funeral plans. When the deceased or their family span more than one culture, as frequently occurs in immigrant communities, those who remain may not even know what the culturally appropriate practices are. The difficulty of making decisions and plans without a resource base during times of mourning can increase the emotional burden of those who experience the death of a loved one. This research gathers information from persons in the culturally diverse Victoria and costal urban British Columbia’s Chinese Canadian community about some of the death rituals practised locally. It also delves into the beliefs about renegotiated relationships with the deceased, other family members, and the community at large. A summary of this research is provided in a brochure intended to assist people who, as was the case for myself, find they need to make final arrangements but who do not have much knowledge of practices in the Chinese Canadian community.



Chinese, Death, Ritual