Weaving Music Into The Curriculum By a Kindergarten Teacher: An Instrumental Case Study




Musleh, Jeeda Michel

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The purpose of this instrumental case study was to investigate the different ways a generalist teacher, having been introduced to basic music concepts by the researcher, integrated music into the kindergarten curriculum. The main research question was: What music knowledge and skills does a generalist early childhood educator with no formal music background need to integrate concept-based music activities with confidence in an early childhood curriculum? The participating kindergarten teacher was exposed to basic music concepts through eight one-on-one training sessions with the researcher and was asked to subsequently implement these musical concepts into the curriculum through practical activities, which aligned with subjects she was teaching. According to the teacher, although music concepts varied in level of difficulty, she was able to integrate them into the themes she was teaching. Partnering with the kindergarten teacher to craft the integrated activities while providing her with support and resources, resulted in her feeling a sense of ownership of the musical activities and an increased sense of self confidence in teaching music to her students beyond the period of time dedicated for this study.



music in early childhood, kindergarten, generalists, music integration, curriculum