Patient family centered care council on an adult medical nursing unit




Zadunayski, Michelle

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Patient satisfaction is a primary concern in today’s healthcare and is a measurement that elicits a patient’s rating or scoring describing his or her care. One facet of patient satisfaction that needs increased focus is the perception of care of the patient and family members. Patient & family-centered care focuses on working in partnership to develop new ideas, understandings, and interventions to achieve the most positive outcomes for patients, their families and health care providers. While there has been much research and literature regarding this type of partnership in the pediatric and maternity environments, there is a need to have understanding and knowledge formed around the adult delivery of care. This paper will provide a rationale for the application of a patient and family-centered care concept within the adult setting in an acute telemetry nursing unit by establishing a patient and family-centered care council. It will include background information supporting this application, a review of the literature, an actual business plan proposal for the creation of a care council, and professional role implications for the Advanced Practice Nurse in this initiative. The council’s primary objective is to create a venue where the patient and family have a platform to voice feedback to a listening multidisciplinary team which generates knowledge and increases understanding in patient and families’ perspectives and experiences. By obtaining and clarifying the patient and family’s perception of care, the healthcare multidisciplinary team can then formulate interventions that would strive to improve patient and family satisfaction in the acute-care setting by improving the patient/family experience.



patient-family-centered care council, PFCC, medical nursing unit, patient satisfaction, perception of care, multidisciplinary team