Interactive edge-bundled parallel coordinates




Li, Ziang

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Parallel coordinates are a well-researched visualization technique to represent multidimensional data. There are many variations of parallel coordinates for different application needs. This report describes a visualization solution for large multidimensional data. The report also proposes an evaluation plan to investigate non-linear data relationships through variants of parallel coordinates. Based on this proposal, a web-based application of bundled parallel coordinates was designed and implemented. This visualization supports different clustering methods and violin plots to discover data distribution. It also has a series of interaction features such as brushing, reordering of axes, and zooming. A pilot study was also conducted to evaluate the perception of non-linear data relationships through variants of parallel coordinates, and the results helped the formation of a hypothesis: interactions help the discovery of non-linear data relationships, and standard parallel coordinates can better support such tasks than bundled parallel coordinates. An evaluation is needed in future work to evaluate this hypothesis.



Parallel coordinates, User interaction, HCI, Data correlation, Multidimensional data, Clutter reduction, Visualization, Evaluation