Towards the design of spatial decision support for stakeholder-driven collaborative land valuation in non-urban areas




O'Connell, Ian Joseph

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This thesis explores the design of a stakeholder-driven collaborative spatial decision support system (CSDSS) to facilitate relative and absolute valuation of the worth of relatively large areas of land for activities traditionally difficult to quantify in monetary terms. A possible solution is offered by taking advantage of the development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) towards Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS), and subsequently to Collaborative Spatial Decision Support Systems (CSDSS). It reports on the development of a methodology to aid in the valuing of land use activities difficult to quantify. The thesis explores an alternative to planner-driven land valuation, placing the valuation responsibility instead on stakeholders. Three experiments are carried out. The first employs tourism experts as subjects. They conduct a gestalt based land valuation on a topographic map of the area surrounding Penticton, British Columbia. A second experiment examines the same area, but with a larger sample of subjects. The final experiment explores system developments with stakeholders from Galiano Island, BC. The thesis justifies and explains its use of a gestalt methodology. It introduces different types of decision support information products that can be derived to facilitate consensus building. It summarises experience gained when evaluating the proposed methodological procedure using the three experiments. It concludes that computing technology has advanced to make it reasonably straight-forward to collect information about individual stakeholders’ land valuations, and that the resultant information can be packaged effectively in a collaborative spatial decision support system (CSDSS) to facilitate consensus building.



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