The voice of Hong Kong students at the university level in Canada, regarding outdoor experiences and cultural adaptation




Archer, Robert

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The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experiences of Hong Kong students regarding their experiential encounters and interactions in the natural environment on Vancouver Island and attempt to discover what impact these experiences had on their process of adapting to a new culture. Three participants took part in an unstructured interview session where they shared their personal outdoor stories spanning their life in Hong Kong and in Canada. This was joined with a photo elicitation task to help recall and gain further in-depth insights into their outdoor narratives. The transcripts that resulted, where analysed using inquiry justifications, personal, practical and social (Lindsay & Schwind, 2016). The resulting themes were cultural adaption through socialization, exploration and stability, experiences in nature and access to nature. This study contributes the unique voice of students from Hong Kong and their experiences with nature in Canada and how it has affected their cultural adaption.



Cultural Adaptation, Narrative Inquiry, Outdoor Recreation, Nature-based Encounters