Privacy Preserving Data Mining using Unrealized Data Sets: Scope Expansion and Data Compression




Fong, Pui Kuen

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In previous research, the author developed a novel PPDM method – Data Unrealization – that preserves both data privacy and utility of discrete-value training samples. That method transforms original samples into unrealized ones and guarantees 100% accurate decision tree mining results. This dissertation extends their research scope and achieves the following accomplishments: (1) it expands the application of Data Unrealization on other data mining algorithms, (2) it introduces data compression methods that reduce storage requirements for unrealized training samples and increase data mining performance and (3) it adds a second-level privacy protection that works perfectly with Data Unrealization. From an application perspective, this dissertation proves that statistical information (i. e. counts, probability and information entropy) can be retrieved precisely from unrealized training samples, so that Data Unrealization is applicable for all counting-based, probability-based and entropy-based data mining models with 100% accuracy. For data compression, this dissertation introduces a new number sequence – J-Sequence – as a mean to compress training samples through the J-Sampling process. J-Sampling converts the samples into a list of numbers with many replications. Applying run-length encoding on the resulting list can further compress the samples into a constant storage space regardless of the sample size. In this way, the storage requirement of the sample database becomes O(1) and the time complexity of a statistical database query becomes O(1). J-Sampling is used as an encryption approach to the unrealized samples already protected by Data Unrealization; meanwhile, data mining can be performed on these samples without decryption. In order to retain privacy preservation and to handle data compression internally, a column-oriented database management system is recommended to store the encrypted samples.



Data Mining, Data Privacy, PPDM, Data Compression, Database, Set Theory, Number Sequence, Query Optimization