A blueprint for watershed governance in British Columbia




Brandes, Oliver M.
O'Riordan, Jon
O'Riordan, Tim
Brandes, Laura

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POLIS Project on Ecological Governance


This report focuses on current water governance issues in British Columbia and offers a path forward for how the Province could transform its current approaches to decision-making to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future—especially given the provincial government’s commitment to new water legislation by later in 2014. It sets out a strategic 10-year program and proposes nine winning conditions to ensure success. Recognizing the unique institutional, legal, cultural, and geographic challenges of the province, this Blueprint outlines a timeline and clear milestones for moving towards watershed governance in B.C.



Watershed Governance, British Columbia, British Columbian water law, Co-Governance, Water Sustainability Act, Governance Principles, Framework for Water Governance


Brandes, O.M., & O'Riordan, Jon., with O'Riordan, Tim., & Brandes, Laura. A Blueprint for Watershed Governance in British Columbia. Victoria, Canada: POLIS Project on Ecological Governance, University of Victoria.