Multibody dynamics modelling and analysis of the human hand




Carvalho, André Rui Dantas

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This thesis presents a simulation model for the dynamics of the human hand for application to an anthropomorphic prosthesis. The Articulated Body Algorithm (ABA) algorithm was selected to model the dynamics of a tree type robotic structure. The ABA is a numerical Newton-Euler based algorithm that solves the forward dynamics (obtaining the joint accelerations from the applied torques and forces) for a joint-link model. The main advantage of this algorithm resides in the analysis of the system link by link rather than the entire system analysis. This feature enables the implementation of a computationally efficient code and makes the algorithm generic enough to be applied to almost any robotic structure, with minimal additional effort. Furthermore, as the basic algorithm only handles serial structures, it was modified to include the effect of the gravity, loads on the end-effector, elasticity and damping at the joints, the generalization to tree-type structures, and, finally, the inclusion of impact analysis.



Robotics, Biomechanics, Numerical Algorithm, Robot Simulation