Real Time Electrocardiogram Web Application Implemented by Angular2




Hui, Yuejiao

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Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death and there is one died of heart disease in every four deaths [1]. One of the reasons is that there are no obvious warning signs or symptoms before any sudden cardiac events. There is no doubt that precaution and recognition of the signs of heart disease are extremely important for people who have cardiovascular concerns, or have a family history of this kind of disease. Therefore, we design and develop a comprehensive ECG web application using Angular2 framework that can be accessed by browsers, for real-time reviewing and analysis of ECG data collected by an in-house ECG system. Thus not only patients can access their personal ECG records, but also doctors can review patients’ ECG data, anywhere, anytime. Our ECG Web application is categorized by different level of user groups which means we use access levels to define what a user can do or can not do. The whole project explores several core features of Angular2, such as Ahead-of-Time (AoT) compilation, caching and tree shaking, to improve web page loading performance. Furthermore, unit test and end-to-end test are implemented to ensure application quality and robustness.



Electrocardiogram, Angular2