Measurement of forces in a low consistency refiner




Prairie, Brett Cameron

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A piezo-ceramic sensor was developed to measure normal and tangential shear forces applied to a bar at one location in the refining zone of a Sunds Defibrator Conflo® JC-00 refiner. Testing was completed at the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada in Vancouver. BC using CTMP pulp with a stock consistency of 3.15%. Distributions have been determined for peak normal and shear forces. peak coefficient of friction. shear work. and shear lead. These distributions were analysed to assess possible correlations with specific edge load. Force magnitudes were found to increase with an increase in specific edge load. The peak coefficient of friction was calculated that ranged from 0.13 to 0.16. Both the normal and shear force magnitudes varied by as much as a factor of 3, due to rotor out-of-tram of only 0.06 mm. These distributions could provide greater insight to the mechanisms responsible for fibre development in papermaking and thus "In Process" control of various refiner conditions.



wood pulp, refining, mechanical pulping process