Healthy after-school child care




MacFarlane, Kendra Mary

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The purpose of this intense case study was to explore the factors that affect implementation of quality physical activity (PA) and healthy snacks that are provided to school-aged children (kindergarten to grade 8) attending after-school child care in British Columbia. Using an orientational approach that was guided by the implementation literature, 16 staff (n = 9 managers; n = 7 frontline staff) completed surveys and participated in semi-structured interviews. The majority of the data contributed to the emergence of the primary theme “Being confined” which contains three sub-themes: “It’s a moving target”; “We have to make do”; and “Centre rules and routines dictate practice”. This theme contextualizes two related but distinct primary themes: “Working together to pull it off” and “It takes skill”. The study contributes to our understanding of what facilitates or impedes implementation, according to staff working in typical after-school child care programs. This information can contribute to the refinement of guidelines and development of resources to help meet staff needs. Further, it will ensure that future research efforts are directed appropriately.



after-school, physical activity, nutrition, staff