How digital technologies and texts impact teachers’ pedagogy in high school biology classrooms




Strass, Wade

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This collective case study examines ways in which digital technologies and texts impact three selected teachers’ pedagogy in high school Biology classrooms on southern Vancouver Island. Data from an anonymous online survey was used to compare and contextualize the case study data. Methodological triangulation for the three participants’ case studies included lesson plans, on-site lesson observations with accompanying field notes, digital photos and audio recordings, and semi-structured interviews. The collected data was coded, analyzed for themes within cases, and then re-analyzed for themes across the three cases. The salient themes that emerged centered on: changes to pedagogical and learning practices resulting from the use of digital technologies and texts; how teachers live with contradictions within their changing educational environment; and the role traditional methods have within a digital classroom. While these considerations of integrating technology may be useful to many educators, this study has specific implications for the development of new science curricula in British Columbia, and teachers of Biology adapting their practice to engage contemporary Millennial Generation learners.



collective case study, survey, biology, British Columbia, millennial generation