Spider (Araneae) assemblages in the Carmanah Valley on Vancouver Island : composition, habitat preferences, and phenology.




Copley, Claudia

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Spiders of the Carmanah Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia were examined to determine differences in species assemblages in a regenerating clearcut and an ancient forest, and characterize life histories of the different species. Twenty-three families (113 species, 76 genera) were collected using Malaise traps. Diversity was greater in the regenerating clear-cut than in the ancient forest. The latter was dominated by the web-building guild. Assemblages in the two habitats were significantly different and species that preferred the regenerating forest tended toward spring/summer stenochronous life histories compared to fall stenochronous in the ancient forest. Eight species showed non-random distribution patterns relative to the riparian corridor formed by Carmanah Creek. Species that used both habitats did not show a shift in timing of reproduction despite differences in abiotic conditions. More adults were collected in the ancient forest habitat than in the regenerating clear-cut, while more immatures were found in the regenerating clear-cut.



Spiders, Habitat, Carmanah Creek Valley