Methods to Assess the Safety of Health Information Systems




Borycki, Elizabeth
Keay, Elizabeth

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Longwoods Publishing


Research has shown that the introduction of health information systems (HISs) can reduce the likelihood of medical errors. However, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that if it is not designed or implemented properly, a HIS can actually cause or induce health professionals to make medical errors (i.e., technology-induced errors). In order to maximize the benefits of HISs while decreasing the likelihood of such inadvertent technology-induced error, it is important that we understand the range of methods that can be used to ensure the safety of our systems. In this article, we report the results of a review of the literature related to the methods used in predicting, preventing and evaluating the potential for a HIS to cause technology-induced error. These methods can be classified in terms of their application, including before a HIS is implemented, after a HIS has been implemented and after a technology-induced error has occurred.




Keay, E. & Borycki, E. 2010, "Methods to Assess the Safety of Health Information Systems", Healthcare Quarterly, vol. 13, no. Special issue, pp. 47-52.