Notes from the past: examining intra-site micro-scale communities of practice within Greater Nicoya aerophones from the Tempisque Period (500 B.C. – A.D. 300)




Kosyk, Katrina Casey

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Typically, ephemeral aspects of material culture, such as gestures and sound, are often overlooked in the reconstruction of culture history which is unfortunate since sound-related artefacts offer clues to our understanding of practices and interactions between groups of individuals. With a music archaeological perspective, my research discusses aerophones recovered from the G-752Rj site in the southern portion of the Greater Nicoya archaeological region associated with pre-Columbian Tempisque (500 B.C. to A.D. 300) communities. I examine variation and/or consistency within the production, consumption, and deposition of these instruments to investigate intra-site micro-scale levels of community of practice. I propose an innovative approach at identifying communities of practice by analyzing sound and gestures within an instrument’s construction.



Music Archaeology, Communities of Practice, Materiality, Social Networks