Making thinking visible: an approach to competency based education




Lamoureux, Nicole

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As we continue working on global educational reform, educators are transitioning from a content based approach towards a more competency based approach to education. With these changes, necessitates shifts not only in educational approaches but in the methods used by teachers to enact these changes in the classroom. This Capstone project reviews literature that reflects changes in focus from content and knowledge towards understanding that connects and builds on ideas and concepts. This requires that educators, such as myself, focus on the thinking that students do in order to develop deep understanding. Ritchhart, R., Church, M., and Morrison, K. (2011) created a framework using thinking routines that assist students of all age groups to work through concepts and ideas in all disciplines in order to develop deep understanding. These routines also make visible the thinking students are doing as they collaboratively work towards understanding, allowing us to monitor and adjust to further meet our student’s needs. The project also shares a proposed critical participatory action research plan to help educators inquire and reflect on the impact of using these routines in their practice as they strive to improve student learning in their classroom.



Competencies, competency based education, critical participatory action research