Feeling pulled in different directions: a humanbecoming inquiry




Tschanz, Coby L.

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This dissertation presents a Parsesciencing study of the universal humanuniverse living experience of feeling pulled in different directions. Concept inventing reveals feeling pulled in different directions as pondering inspirations surfaces with desire amid tenuous integrity in a whirling inertia of possibility. Personal foreknowings illuminate feeling pulled in different directions as aw(e)ful delight surfaces with the struggles of taking a bearing along an unfolding, diverging way. Stories of ten historians, as presented and heuristically interpreted through several levels of abstraction, reveal feeling pulled in different directions as constrained vigor surfaces with wavering amid cherished potentials which is transmogrified as restricted endeavoring surfaces with capricious yearning. Core ideas of constrained vigor and wavering with cherished potentials are discussed in relation to extant literature. To inspire future inquiry, new knowings of this Parsesciencing are discussed in relation to nursing education, research, and care.



Humanbecoming, Parsesciencing, Feeling pulled in different directions, Nursing theory-guided research, Human experiences, Constrained vigor, Wavering with cherished potentials