Law and justice: Scott v. Canada and the history of the social covenant with Canadian veterans




Minnes, Jonathan David

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This paper explores the issues underlying the Scott v. Canada veteran class action lawsuit. In particular it seeks to provide context to these issues by examining the cultural and legal structure of the Canadian military, the historic developments of veteran benefits in Canada, and the difficulties veterans face navigating the institutions that disseminate these benefits. The Scott v. Canada veteran class action lawsuit was launched against the Federal Government in 2012, in response to the Canadian Forces Members and Veterans Re-establishment and Compensation Act (the “New Veterans Charter”), which replaced the disability pension regime for many Canadian Forces Members and veterans under the Pension Act.



Veteran, Law, Justice, Social Covenant, Scott v. Canada, Veterans Review and Appeal Board, Pension, New Veterans Charter, Pension Act, Military Culture, Unlimited Liability, Universality of Service, Woods Committee, Keeping Faith, Veteran’s Assistance Commission, Veterans Charter, Borden, Harper, Trudeau, Disability, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Court, Canada, Canadian, Veterans Affairs