Charting a future for emerging infectious disease modelling in Canada




Lewis, Mark A
Brown, Patrick
Colijn, Caroline
Cowen, Laura
Cotton, Christopher
Day, Troy
Deardon, Rob
Earn, David
Haskell, Deirdre
Heffernan, Jane

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We propose an independent institute of emerging infectious disease modellers and policy experts, with an academic core, capable of renewing itself as needed. This institute will combine science and knowledge translation to inform decision-makers at all levels of government and ensure the highest level of preparedness (and readiness) for the next public health emergency. The Public Health Modelling Institute will provide cost-effective, science-based modelling for public policymakers in an easily visualizable, integrated framework, which can respond in an agile manner to changing needs, questions, and data. To be effective, the Institute must link to modelling groups within government, who are best able to pose questions and convey results for use by public policymakers.


This paper arose out of a workshop at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) held from January 19–22, 2023 entitled “Charting a Future for Emerging Infectious Disease Modelling in Canada”, led by Mark Lewis, Patrick Brown, Christopher Cotton, Caroline Colijn, Kumar Murty and Nick Ogden. We thank the new BIRS-Now program for providing the resources and inspiring environment that made it possible to build the shared vision that formed the basis for the paper.


infectious disease, modelling, Canada


Lewis, M.A. et al. (2023, April). Charting a future for emerging infectious disease modelling in Canada. White Paper.