Towards the development of a framework for integration of an electronic medical record into an undergraduate health informatics curriculum




Bassi, Jesdeep

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Information technology (IT) is increasingly being used in the classroom to support instruction. This work addresses the integration of electronic medical records (EMRs) into undergraduate health informatics (HI) education. Such systems have been used to some extent in health professional education but effective integration into HI education remains a gap. This thesis explores the context of integration using the concept of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK). A structured literature review of previous integration efforts involving EMRs or similar systems in all disciplines was conducted as well as a documentation review specific to undergraduate HI programs to gather insight into current HI education. The findings from these were combined with those of an original qualitative research study done to gather views of instructors and students within one school. This work resulted in an application of TPCK which expands the original framework, describing key findings for the three knowledge bases and adding specific contextual considerations that emerged in terms of when to integrate, instructors, students, courses, technical aspects, system aspects, and overall learning pedagogy. This thesis is organized into nine chapters, beginning with an introduction which explains the rationale for undertaking this work. Next, theoretical perspectives for IT integration are discussed along with the specific EMR integration challenge being addressed. The two additional literature reviews are presented along with their findings which then leads to the research questions for the original study which was undertaken. The next two chapters outline study methods and results. The main questions are then revisited and answered with study findings supplemented by the literature reviews. This leads to the discussion of an initial framework as well as theoretical and practical implications and future research directions for work in this area.



health informatics, electronic medical records, undergraduate education