Predicting Relations between Discrimination and Identity among Chinese Canadian Immigrants: A Lifespan Approach




Taknint, Joelle Taos

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Using a multiple social identities framework, this thesis investigates the relations among ethnic identity, national identity, and discrimination in a sample of 181 Chinese immigrant families to Canada. While a large body of research has investigated the relations between ethnic identity and discrimination among ethnic minority young adults, relatively less is known about the role of national identity and how discrimination and identity are related among immigrant populations and in other developmental periods. This study used a sample of immigrant adults and their adolescent children to investigate these relations during the developmental periods of adolescence and middle adulthood. Results indicate that ethnic and national identities are generally positively associated. However, high levels of discrimination were found to dampen this positive relation, indicating that discrimination thwarts bicultural identity attainment. Unique patterns for adolescents and immigrant adult males emerged suggesting that both developmental considerations and sex differences are key in understanding the relations between social identities and discrimination among immigrant individuals. Clinical and policy implications are discussed.



Immigration, Discrimination, Ethnic Identity, National Identity