Purple figs of possibility: A guide to the infinite prospects of a psychology degree




Marefat, Nika

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According to the American Psychological Association (APA), only approximately 4% of students possessing an undergraduate degree in psychology continue into psychology graduate programs. This statistic underscores the importance of providing comprehensive and accessible information about alternative career pathways to the remaining 96% of students. The present research seeks to address the pertinent topic of career options outside the traditional path of graduate school pursuit. A thorough investigation of various sources, including industry reports, government and university resources, LinkedIn, and Indeed revealed six distinct career domains for undergraduates in psychology: biotechnology and neuroscience; technology; mental health; social services; finance, marketing, and economics; and healthcare. These domains offer diverse and promising avenues for psychology graduates seeking alternative career paths. To communicate this valuable information to the student body effectively, an informative website and an engaging infographic were designed using Canva. This research aims to empower all psychology students to make informed decisions and pursue fulfilling careers in various fields while leveraging the skills and knowledge gained during their undergraduate studies.



Psychology, Careers, Resource, Career Paths