Migration Narratives: Using Graphic Novels in Teaching Social Studies




Darwazeh, Ramzi

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This project explores the potential role of using graphic novels to teach social studies. Chapter one outlines the inspiration and rationale behind investigating the teaching and learning opportunities that arise from using graphic novels as an educational resource in a secondary school social studies class. Chapter two begins with an overview of the theoretical frameworks that underpin the project including multiliteracies and disciplinary literacy. Furthermore, the chapter also reviews the relevant literature on graphic novels in terms of increased reading motivation and student engagement. The chapter concludes by examining how graphic novels can aid in developing disciplinary literacy including the teaching of contextualization, corroboration, and sourcing and historical agency. Chapter three describes a social studies unit on migration that involved students reading and composing graphic novels in a grade 9 classroom in Amman, Jordan. Students read various graphic novels that dealt with migration, visited a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan and composed their own graphic novels on migration. The chapter also outlines the successes and challenges experienced as a result of incorporating graphic novels into the unit. The project concludes with four research implications.



graphic novels, migration, social studies, history, multiliteracies, Disciplinary literacy