Pilot study of the adaptation of an established measure to assess the quality of child services in a selected orphanage in Zambia : the Inclusive Quality Assessment (IQA) tool




Akinware, Margaret Abosede

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This study set out to pilot the Inclusive Quality Assessment (IQA) process adapted for use in British Columbia in 1998 from the Inside Quality Assurance tool of the University of North London Centre for Environmental and Social Studies in Aging. The current study was exploratory to determine the tool's suitability and appropriateness in a non-Western culture. The IQA tool was successllly implemented in a selected orphanage where it was administered to assess the quality of care provided to orphans. This exercise involved the participation of orphans and caregivers in identifying their needs and how to fulfill them. It also involved the role of the frontline managers in planning and improving the quality and assurance of care to orphans in their institution. The researcher concludes that this tool is appropriate for regular evaluation of s e ~ c e s in childcare facilities and home settings but will require effective policy formulation and implementation to make it a reality in Zambia.