Non-Indigenous Teacher Induction in the Northwest Territories: The Survey Findings of a Pre-Service Orientation




Villeneuve, Marnie

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This project illustrates why some teachers move to the north and stay for many years, and why many do not. I have experienced many new colleagues over the years. Some choose to stay and build their careers and families in northern communities, while others do not last longer than their first year. This project revolves around a “Six Month In” survey that reflects upon a highly successful initiative, the New to the Northwest Territories (NWT) Educators’ Conference (N2NEC) hosted by the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Government of the NWT. The conference is meant to induct new/new to the NWT teachers in a manner that aids teachers positive transitions into northern classrooms. The N2NEC provides an introduction to the people of the NWT, their history and experiences in the Euro-Canadian classroom. The purpose of my study was to help create and analyze the data from the post-conference, “Six Months In” survey. Participants reflected upon whether or not they found the sessions valuable, and applicable, to their new classrooms and communities. The survey required new/new to the north teachers to indicate what sessions were impactful. Participants were to make reflections regarding what they found most valid and valuable, after actually experiencing their new northern classrooms and residing in their new NWT community. After examining the data, I concluded that the value of the conference is evident in the responses of the participants. I determine relationship-building with students and the community is imperative to a successful teaching career in the north, as elsewhere. I support induction programs, such as the N2NEC, and make recommendations for other jurisdictions to implement a similar support for new teachers, especially in Indigenous communities.



non-Indigenous teachers, teacher induction, teaching in the Northwest Territories, pre-service orientation new teachers, New to the NWT Educators' Conference, new teachers to an Indigenous community, successful teaching career in the north