Barriers and bridges: interdisciplinary collaboration in addiction and mental health care




Mitchell, Amber Risha Turner

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The objective of this thesis is to explore the factors that enhance collaboration in the interdisciplinary environment of front-line addiction and mental health care. This research will explore these factors by posing the question, What do mental health and addiction professionals report as determining the success of an Inter-Disciplinary Collaborative environment? Using McCracken‘s Long Interview (1988) and principles drawn from Flanagan‘s Critical Incident Technique (1954) the participants discuss their experiences with collaboration in the interdisciplinary environment of integrated addiction and mental health care. The findings are presented according to three overarching themes: 1) Interpersonal and Group Relations, 2) Organizational Supports, and 3) Challenges / Sources of Conflict. Finally, a dispute resolution perspective is taken in order to discuss the findings according to implications for practice, dispute resolution, and leadership and policy.



conflict, inter-group, dispute resolution, group, interprofessional, multidisciplinary, concurrent, collaboration, cooperation